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Master your way

into Medicine

with our expert guidance and passion for your success

What Do We Provide?

Live masterclasses, online self-study courses and 1-to-1 tuition conscientiously delivered by medical students to aid your entry into medicine.

We understand school life can be demanding so we are keeping things flexible: tune into our amazing live UCAT Masterclass with Q&A, use our online course to study for the BMAT anytime anywhere, and keep on top of your A levels through weekly lessons with one of our expert tutors.

Mix and match our services around your busy schedule to ensure your place in medical school is secured.



✮  Live UCAT Masterclass

✮  Online Self-study Course

✮  Custom 1-to-1 sessions

✮  Walkthrough of UCAT Questions

✮  Mean UCAT Score ≅ 710



✮  Live BMAT Masterclass

✮  Online Self-study Course

✮  Custom 1-to-1 sessions

✮  Walkthrough of BMAT Questions

✮  Mean BMAT Score ≅ 15A

✮  Tutors from UCL and Oxbridge


Personal Statement

✮  Live Personal Statement


✮  1-to-1 Bespoke PS Editing

✮  Tailored to the specifications

      of ANY university

✮  Editors achieved 4/4 interviews



✮  Live Interview Masterclass

✮  Mock Interviews (Traditional,

      Panel, MMI)

✮  Interviewers achieved 4/4 offers


GCSE & A Level

✮  Live Monthly Masterclass

✮  Custom 1-to-1 sessions

✮  Biology, Chemistry, Physics and


✮  Tailored to AQA, OCR and


✮  Tutors have outstanding

      academic records


Unsure Which Route To Take?

Use this simple table to find the best teaching style for you.

Be rest assured that whichever route you take, you will come out with all the knowledge and skills you need to absolutely nail every aspect of your medical school application.

Why Choose Us?

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Experienced Tutors

Our tutors attend the most prestigious Russell Group universities

and have expertise in the medicine application process,

 scoring Top decile averages in both the UCAT and BMAT whilst holding outstanding academic records.

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Flexible Teaching

We want to ensure your medical application runs smoothly alongside your A levels and hence we offer a variety of modes of learning (1-to-1 sessions, online courses and live webinar masterclasses) so that you get all the coaching you need whenever and wherever you want it.

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Accessible to All

Our utmost priority is in allowing everyone a chance to reach their dream profession and so we have worked extremely hard to make our services affordable to the vast majority. In addition, we work closely with schools to give all aspiring medics the resources required to excel in their medical entry endeavours.

The Full Journey

 Your job doesn’t stop when you get an offer to study medicine so why should ours. We are with you every step of the way thanks to the careful guidance from our 1-to-1 tutors and expert mentors in our mentorship scheme. Above all, we strive to help you achieve the top grades with our comprehensive GCSE and A level  live masterclasses enabling a seamless conversion of your offer into a secured place at medical school.

Get started now.


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